Dijit Validation Widgets

TextBox class, tabIndex=2, Attributes: {trim: true, propercase: true, style: 'width:700px'}, First letter of each word is upper case.
TextBox class, Attributes: {trim: true, uppercase: true, class: 'verylong'}, all letters converted to upper case.
NumberTextBox class, tabIndex=1, Attributes: {trim: true}, no initial value specified.
ValidationTextBox class, Attributes: {lowercase: true, required: true, class: verylong, style: font-size: 15pt;}. Displays a prompt message if field is missing.
IntegerTextBox class, Attributes: {required: true, min:-20000, max:+20000 }, Enter feet above sea level with a sign.
CurrencyTextBox class, Attributes: {fractional: true}. Enter whole and cents. Currency symbol is optional.
euro currency (local format) fractional part is optional: EUR
euro currency (fixed lang: de-de) programmatically created, fractional part is optional: EUR
RegexpTextBox class, Attributes: {required: true}
(just a test that type attribute is obeyed)
value: null should show up as empty