Tooltip test

Mouse-over or focus the items below to test tooltips. tooltip from button.

focusable text rich formatting !
plain text (not focusable) keyboard users can not access this tooltip anchor tooltip on a link

this text has a programmatically created tooltip
tooltip on a button Test tooltip on right aligned element. Tooltip should flow to the left --> tooltip on a select
two line tooltip.

s1 text

s2 text

s3 text

s4 text

s5 text

tooltip for #1
long long long long long long long long long long long text
make sure that this works properly with a really narrow window
tooltip for #2 tooltip for #3 tooltip for #4 tooltip for #5 tooltip for #6 s1 tooltip s2 tooltip s3 tooltip s4 tooltip s5 tooltip

One Tooltip for multiple connect nodes

multi tooltip multi1