Test dojox.fx.ext-dojo.complex

The dojox.fx.ext-dojo.complex class is an extension of dojo.animateProperty which adds functionality that animates a "complex property". The primary example is the clip style: rect(10px 30px 10px 50px).

Frankly, the clip style is not very useful nor exciting. But the dojox.fx.ext-dojo.complex class will animate any property contained within parenthesis. So it can also be used with (and is actually intended for) CSS3 properties, such as transform: transform: rotate(10deg) translateX(0px) or even gradients (it would only affect the properties within the color-stops): background-image: -webkit-gradient(linear, right top, left top, color-stop(0, #ff0000),color-stop(1.0, #0000FF));

A few notes on the clip:rect() property. IE only accepts no commas - Firefox & Safari accepts both. So.... don't use commas! Also, the node must be set to position:absolute to work.

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