Option tags, autoComplete=false, default value of Iowa, pageSize=30

(200% Courier font):

Data store, autoComplete=true:

(8pt font):

Artificially slowed-down data store, autoComplete=true:

(150% font): Hey look, this one is kind of useful.

Initially disabled, url, autoComplete=false:


Data store, autoComplete=false required=true and highlightMatch="none"


No arrow, data store which searches and highlights matches anywhere in the string

Created programmatically

Created programmatically with an initial query. (Limits list to items with type = country.)

Created programmatically with an ItemFileReadStore and a descending sort. (Limits list to items with type = country.)

With option tags, autoComplete=true, pageSize=30, and a descending sort.

Special characters

The drop down list should be:


Try typing 東区 (East), 西区 (West), 北区 (North), 南区 (South) and a few choices will pop up.

Custom labelFunc (value in textbox should be lower case when onChange is called), autoComplete=true:

This is some text below the boxes. It shouldn't get pushed out of the way when search results get returned. A native select tag to test IE bleed through problem: