Option tags, autoComplete=false, selectOnClick=true, default value of California, pageSize=30, custom labelFunc method

(200% Courier font):

Data store, autoComplete=true:

(8pt font):

Artificially slowed-down data store, autoComplete=true:

(150% font): Hey look, this one is kind of useful.

Initially disabled, url, autoComplete=false:


Data store, autoComplete=false required=true and highlightMatch="none"


test that title used as label is preserved on input

No arrow, data store which searches and highlights matches anywhere in the string

Created programmatically

Created programmatically with an initial query. (Limits list to items with type = country.)

Created programmatically with an ItemFileReadStore and a descending sort. (Limits list to items with type = country.)

With option tags, autoComplete=true, pageSize=30, and a descending sort.

Special characters

The drop down list should be:


Try typing 東区 (East), 西区 (West), 北区 (North), 南区 (South) and a few choices will pop up.

Custom labelFunc (value in textbox should be lower case when onChange is called), autoComplete=true, prompt message when field is blank:

test placeholder

This is some text below the boxes. It shouldn't get pushed out of the way when search results get returned. A native select tag to test IE bleed through problem: